Why businesses list on the Alpha Revenue Exchange ?

Creating a Royalty Licence Offer listing for your business is the smartest way of raising capital for your business and is a lot easier than you may think. 


Business owners do not have the burden of sharing ownership of the company with their investors. These benefits have made Royalty Licence Offerings  a growing alternative in raising capital.

At the end of each month, 10% of the funds in the Alpha ePay transaction fee account are transferred into the Alpha ePay Royalty Licence Account, ready for distribution into the Royalty Licensee’s Alpha ePay cash accounts.  

The amount of income that each Royalty Licensee receives is based on the number of Royalty Licences they purchased in the Australian Royalty Licence Pool which consists of 1,800,000 Royalty Licences. 

A monthly report is made available to Royalty Licensees to validate transaction fee collection and royalty licence revenue ready for distribution. 

As the membership base grows so will the volume of Alpha ePay sales grow, resulting in a greater volume of transaction fees being paid, and therefore the greater the earnings per Royalty Licence. 

Members can borrow Alpha ePay dollars interest-free so long as they purchase the number of Alpha Royalty Licences required to collateralise their Alpha ePay dollars borrowings. They may also use future income to be generated from the Royalty Licenses to prepay their Alpha ePay dollar borrowings. 

The major difference between buying shares in a company and buying Alpha ePay Royalty Licences is that Royalty Licence revenue is drawn from the gross returns of transaction fee revenue, which are credited to the Alpha ePay Royalty Licence Pool account for distribution to Royalty Licensees. 

Unlike dividends on shares, they are NOT subject to deduction, including provision for administration expenses, and directors' fees and salaries.  


The image displays the results of the configurations used to forecast the growth of the membership base and resulting income over three years of operation.

The figures display the number of businesses and consumers who join Alpha ePay, average consumer weekly spend, transaction fee income, and the value of the royalty units from the beginning of Round Three to the end of the third year of operation. 

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The Alpha Revenue Exchange connects businesses to those who believe in their endeavors and wish to play a financial role in the businesses success.  

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